About Us

A & A Tour Services is a registered business trading under parent company Abercromby & Associates Pty Ltd and puts the “A & A” in A & A Tour Services.

Abercromby & Associates Pty Ltd previously traded as A & A Travel Services. On 1 July 2019, Abercromby & Associates Pty Ltd changed to trade as A & A Tour Services to better reflect the inbound tour operations of Abercromby & Associates Pty Ltd.

Both A & A Tour Services and A & A Travel Services are registered businesses under Abercromby & Associates Pty Ltd (ABN 13 168 645 976).

The A & A Tour Services team have been diligently managing inbound guests and groups on behalf of European tour operators into and around Australia for many years.

Meet the A & A Tour Services team…

Mark Abercromby
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Abercromby
Mark Abercromby enjoys a successful career in the travel and tourism industry in both private and public sectors.

Mark joined the then WA Tourism Commission in 1981 and relocated to the WA Visitor Centre in Melbourne, before heading to Geraldton as Regional Manager, Mid West, then culminating his time with Tourism WA as Market Development Manager, NZ, based in Auckland.

In 1990, Mark joined Great Aussie Holidays and returned to Perth. As General Manager Product, he worked with the team to develop their National domestic wholesale range plus dedicated programmes for Tourism WA, Tourism Victoria, Tourism NSW and Skywest Holidays. Mark also managed significant Australian inbound tour series including Studiosus Reisen and Studiosus Gruppenreisen.

Mark joined RAC WA in 2006 as Product Manager, Travel & Tourism managing product and strategic development before being appointed Manager Tourism Services at RAC Travel in 2011.

In 2012, Mark branched out and is now Managing Director of Abercromby & Associates Pty Ltd and enjoys sharing his passion for the travel and tourism industry.

In 2014, Mark was reappointed as the Australian inbound agent for premier German tour operator Studiosus Reisen.

Mark’s previous roles have also included Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) WA Branch Manager (2014 – 2016), Skal International Perth President (2013 – 2015) and former Vice President of Skal International Australia.

Qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Management, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business, e-Commerce.

Mark is passionate about Australian tourism and was honoured to be one of the judges for the Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards and Qantas Australian Tourism Awards in 2017 and 2018.

Alex Martens–Halbert

Alex Martens-Halbert
Alexandra (Alex) Martens-Halbert has been employed as an associate of A & A Tour Services since April 2017.

Alex successfully manages the Marco Polo Young Line series, Marco Polo groups, most adhoc group enquiries and special requests.

Alex arrived in Australia from Germany in 1997 after graduating from the University of Applied Science with a Diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Tourism and Transport.

She is a dedicated tourism professional with 28 years experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, with nine of these years working within inbound tourism.

Since arriving in Australia, Alex’s roles have included Inbound Consultant for Australian Splendour, Product Manager for Bellini Travel, Product Coordinator for Great Aussie Holidays, Senior Groups Consultant for AOT Inbound and, prior to joining A & A Tour Services, she was Groups Consultant for Australia One Inbound.

As a result of these roles, her areas of expertise include overseeing the operation of group and FIT (Fully Independent Traveller) touring contracts, quoting, preparing itineraries, rate negotiations, liaising with suppliers, clients and tour guides, translating English itineraries into German and participating in trade fares, symposiums and workshops.

Her passion for travel is obvious and travelling within Australia with her family is a regular pastime.